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Hoodie dress - Bershka, Jacket - Levi's, Boots - Guess, Jewelry - Pandora and Shashi
When in doubt, wear denim <3 This hoodie dress make life so easy haha! When I came back from Paris I had go grocery shopping and I just threw on this dress + sneakers and headed out the door. So cozy! And I love to tuck my hair into my dresses, it seems like I cut my hair but naaah I didn't :P Sometimes my hair are too long and messy to handle so that's my plan B if I don't want to spend hours with teezing and styling them. I really need to get a tan soon because I'm white like cheese on literally every picture I take. Thank god for editing programs haha. Anyways, lots of love <3 and PS: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO EACH MOMMY OUT THERE! I LOVE MY MAMA TO THE MOON AND BACK <3

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  1. Hannah Whittall2. Juni 2017 um 13:17

    The hoodie dress looks so nice, but I would have worn it with sneakers instead of boots, would have looked more sporty.


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