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Jacket - vintage, t-shirt dress - Zara
I uploaded this image already a week ago on Instagram (@fionaschubert) but I really wanted to share the other two as well! I found this bomber at a vintage store and fell in love immediately. It's quite thick for summer but I will wear it to death in fall/winter. And the color was SO out of my comfort zone but I really want to wear more color (even if it's only the jacket :P). And I'm going to cut my hair soon and I can't wait. It's going to be a lot shorter but a lot healthier as well. I know I always said I need long hair but right now I haven't been at the hair dresser for what.. 2 years? Kinda embarrassing but now it's TIME. Shorter, healthier - better! I just need a good trim.. Maybe 20cm/8-10inches? We'll see! Kisses xxxx 


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