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Coat, skirt and hat - H&M, t-shirt - Zara, Boots - Guess
Maybe you'll be wondering why the heck I'm wearing a coat but I can relieve you - these pictures were taken longer ago when it was still 'kinda' appropriate to wear one. And boots as well of course haha. Now it's finally time to grab sandals and the flowiest outfit you can think of and enjoy the warm temperatures! :-) I personally don't like the plain sun since I'm sweating ALL THE TIME and it's definitely not cute to be sweaty and longing for water every 2 seconds. On the other hand I LOVE the last hours when the sun is setting. It's my favorite time. No matter if spring, summer or autumn, I love cozy evenings with a bbq or a nice dinner at a restaurant :-) Can't get enough! Hope you enjoy this outfit any way, lots of love xx

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