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Pictures via
How bomb are these 3 girls/women?? I just can't! I literally died when I saw these pictures and gave me instant inspiration. So tomorrow I'm trying to look as good as Angelica and Lisa when I'm out in the nature shooting haha. And for my absolute fav, Kenza; I don't have words for her. Although her style is not 100% me she gets me every time with her looks and inspires me ALL THE TIME. So I need to find a studio ASAP to take such BOMB pictures as the last two. I don't read much blogs on a daily basis but these 3 are my must visit ones! It's my schedule, I go on the internet, type those three on three tabs and go through the newest posts haha. I know all 3 of them are Swedish and it's kinda a coincidence but I LOVE these girls. So yeah, needed to say that :-) Lots of love! 

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  1. Céline Noorgrad9. Juni 2017 um 18:36

    Love these girls too! They inspire me so much :)


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