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So, in case the 24h are over and you're reading this after June 19th, you might be interested in this article. I showed my 8 current favorite products. Of course there are more I'm using on a daily basis but I guess my favorite mascara for example isn't a big secret anymore so I should not rave about this a million times again. I think I mentioned some new products and they might be helpful for you too! Just keep reading beneath and on the pictures and you will know the details. PS: And in the first picture you can see today's simple make up. A red lip can never go wrong! Many kisses and hugs <3

On the right today's make up! Used the Matte + poreless foundation mixed with fix+ for lighter coverage, Mac powder to set the whole face but a different one for under eyes, ABH liquid lipstick as stated above, Harmony blush as contour and lash curler for super curly and long lashes <3 PS: These are my own, so no falsies.
Current fav foundation! I used to love the perfect match foundation from L'Oréal but at the end of the day I was shinier than a freaking oil drop haha. So I needed something for normal to oily skin types and found this foundation and love it! Of course I get a little shiny as well but just set it with powder twice a day and you're good to go <3 Colors I mix stated above. And I finished my fix+ within 1 month because I LOVE IT. It smells so good and refreshes my skin so much. Need a new one soon!
So for this powder I had some difficulties at the beginning because I didn't like how it felt on my skin. It kinda made my face look cakey and just weird but then I applied it lightly with a brush (normally I use a sponge to set) and it turned out so nicely! But I wouldn't really recommend it for under the eyes because in my case it gave me creasing and that's obviously what you don't want. So yes, use this for the face and something else (maybe not pressed powders; loose powder or similar products will work) for setting the concealer! :-) And I guess for the nail polish I said enough? Just buy it, it's amazing!! <3
This lash curler was maybe the best investment I could have ever made regarding lashes? I adore it!!! I don't know how I came up with buying a 22$ lash curler in NYC but I purchased it and never regretted it. Even if I don't wear make up and go out to run some errands I would use this without mascara and people would ask me if my lashes were real haha. Just amazing! And the blush I use as contour powder. I don't use blush at all because I think it doesn't look good on me (as well as too much highlighter, with blush and highlighter I look like I was running 40km haha) but when somebody recommended this to me I was so happy with it. It's ashy and perfect for contouring on pale skin tones. MUST! 
How often did I mention that I love ABH liquid lipsticks? Definitely too often! Fav colors stated above <3 And last but not least my fav lip pencil in the world: This nude on by Chanel! It matches my natural lip color so well so I can over line them easily and don't feel embarrassed about bad over lining! And for the money you also get a tiny sharpener with it so you don't have to buy one separately xx

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