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Take a seat and grab some popcorn - this will be a longer post (and more personal as well). I thought I could give you a little update of my current situation; what I've been doing lately and what my plans for the next couple of weeks/months are. Let's go! 
When I graduated I told myself: "I need a break!". I just needed some time off, to think, to enjoy and to relax. I couldn't understand the people who started their studies right after their baccalaureat. For me this was straight off the worst idea out there. I didn't know what to do, where to go - simply, I was lost (as so many people are straight after their graduation). I made up my mind, went trough many universities and degree programs to find something that will suit me and I feel comfortable with. And it's definitely not easy. I knew I wanted to start a career in fashion, but 'FASHION' is multifaceted. So I browsed and browsed and finally found a university that caught my sight immediately. Now to speed things up, I went to 3 different cities, where the uni is located. I participated in three uni speeches where they told the soon-to-be students what they could await. It all sounded perfect but at this point I began to think about the city. Which city would it be, not too far away from home, friendly atmosphere etc. So I immediately crossed out one city (that was too far away from home) and until some weeks ago it was a battle between two cities. So I chose a city and applied for their upcoming semester and now I can finally (and proudly) announce that I got ACCEPTED! It all feels so new to me (and scary as well but I guess it has to be this way). This is a big step I'm taking and I know that everybody has to go through this process, but for me it was important that it's the right choice - not just any choice. So I got accepted in the uni of my dreams to study what I love and stand for in a city I will call my home for the next 7 to 8 semesters. Argh, it feels so freaking new. Now it's all about moving, getting into the uni routine a little bit better and prepare my new life in a new city. I hope I could give you a little insight of what I'm up to the next following years and I'm praying that it will work out! Lots of love and hugs xx
Basic front pictures. Felt so strange to take these pictures since I always pose and do funny gestures haha.

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