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Since I'm in the middle of the moving process I thought I could give you a little sneak peek of what my apartment will look like or at least what I'm expecting it to look like. I have this beautiful green statement furniture from USM and I'll build around this piece of furniture. Some green accents here and silver details there and it will all look so nice! I really want it to blend well, so I'm mostly going for green - silver - white - black color theme. I'm going to place a plant next to it as well. And side note; as a soon-to-live-alone person I get to think about things I never thought of? I take so many objects for granted and this has to change right now. Who knows a good vacuum cleaner haha? Anyways, hope that inspired you a little. Lots of kisses xx

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  1. How cool! Will you be doing a room tour / apartement tour when you have finished?


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