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Shirt - Vintage, Pants - Zara, Shoes - Adidas Stan Smith, Bag - YSL, Jewelry - Pandora & Shashi
Recently a "new" friend from the UK visited me and she was also the person who took these pictures. I really wanted to snap this outfit since this is my go-to when it's not so sunny out and I don't want to think a lot haha. I basically LIVE in these sneakers; like for real - I wore them in every single city I've been to the last 2 years. They are just the comfiest & most stylish shoes I own on a daily basis. And can we talk about the fact that I have a minimum of 20 shirts in my closet? I think they are so easy! Most of the times I pair them (like here) with leather pants or skirts! You still look dressed up even when you're not really.. :P Kisses & hugs!

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