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Trenchcoat - VILA, Dress - Zara, Boots - Sigrun Woehr, Bag - YSL
Autumn is almost here! I love spring and fall so much; I think the temperatures are so much more comfortable than a very cold winter or really hot summer! I love wearing jackets but wearing a dress underneath so it has to be a bit of both - warm & cold. I recently discovered my old navy blue boots in the corner of my cabinet and thought; why not wear them again! They have this Texas/cowgirl/vintage vibe to it and they make this cool sound while walking (am I the only one who finds this satisfying?). My trusty black basic dress I wore honestly a billion times since I have it and my trenchcoat; which is the perfect coat for fall! I need one in black as well but I guess I will be wearing the black one only.. Kisses xx

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