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Military jacket - Vintage, Dress - Zara, Sneakers - Adidas, Bag - YSL, Jewelry - Shashi
Yes, I'm really into green atm. I think it's a nice color when you're not reaching for black or grey. I wore this jacket almost a million times (although it sets a statement of a soldier). I just like the camouflage print on clothing. I didn't take a close-up of my shoes but I posted them on here about 6 months ago and they have this amazing camo pattern on their back which brings the upper pattern again at the bottom. Somehow I think that I always wear the same kind of clothing but in different ways (sometimes annoyed by myself actually); but when I love something very much I keep on wearing it. Hope you're not annoyed though! Hugs <3


Shearling jacket and t-shirt dress - Zara, Sneaker - Adidas, Bag - YSL
NEW OUTFIT!! Finally I went out and took some new #ootd pictures. Gosh I missed it! In my hometown my best friend or my mum used to take pictures of my daily outfits, but here I don't know anyone so it took a while to get someone do this job (can be so annoying, but also fun!). I'm wearing this beautiful green jacket I found at Zara a few weeks ago and I'm obsessed! Keeps me warm and cozy but looks so nice at the same time. I love wearing skirts or dresses underneath super thick jackets/coats in fall or spring. Details are stated above. Lots of love <3


Dress - Zara. Scarf - Mango, Boots - Guess, Hat - H&M, Sunglasses - Dior
Probably my favorite outfit of the moment. The hat (all over my IG feed btw) is just to die for. I saw it and grabbed it immediately! Also the fishnet tights are a big thing right now but I still don't feel 100% comfortable wearing them. But soon! And the scarf; every year in love again! Houndstooth is just such a nice print! I told my friend who took these pictures that the only thing missing was the checked scarf for all the trends of the moment combined. Doesn't matter! I like it :-) Kisses <3


Wow.. Long time no see. I'm so sorry for my absence on my blog and certainly on my Instagram profile (it's been a freaking month??), but there were so many things going on. I don't want to talk about everything in detail, only about that it's getting much harder to blog on a regular basis (like how it was in school as well). Today I went to the civil office and re-registered myself in my new city. They put a sticker on my old address and it kinda made me sad. Of course my home will always be my parents place but I still need to get used to his. What this means for my blog: I'm still trying to update my blog at least once a week. Although I'm trying my hardest to post more often it's hard and I won't promise things I can't stick to. My timetable is full of classes and I'm coming home late; so now I have to find a routine that's working out with all the happenings right now and I hope I can stick to this routine for the future. Regards xx

My 'new' home. At least it looks beautiful and I feel comfortable! Missing my old room though.
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