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Wow.. Long time no see. I'm so sorry for my absence on my blog and certainly on my Instagram profile (it's been a freaking month??), but there were so many things going on. I don't want to talk about everything in detail, only about that it's getting much harder to blog on a regular basis (like how it was in school as well). Today I went to the civil office and re-registered myself in my new city. They put a sticker on my old address and it kinda made me sad. Of course my home will always be my parents place but I still need to get used to his. What this means for my blog: I'm still trying to update my blog at least once a week. Although I'm trying my hardest to post more often it's hard and I won't promise things I can't stick to. My timetable is full of classes and I'm coming home late; so now I have to find a routine that's working out with all the happenings right now and I hope I can stick to this routine for the future. Regards xx

My 'new' home. At least it looks beautiful and I feel comfortable! Missing my old room though.

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