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29th of December 2017, first full day here in Dubrovnik. This city is incredible! If you aren't convinced after the pictures, well you should be now :-) I couldn't imagine the beauty of this country because I've never been here before but in the first seconds of being here I was just.. Overwhelmed. Literally. Not only because the city is beautiful, but also because the people are so nice, AND they are so dressed up (!!!) which I never see so much in touristic cities. All the croatian ladies had amazing clothes on and the first time ever I didn't feel like an overdressed girl hahaha. My dad showed us places where he's been when he was younger, about 30 years ago, and said that it didn't change that much. The city is super clean, super chic and very very very polite to tourists (again, not taken for granted). In some cities you just feel that you're treated like a tourist but here it's not like that. We walked around the old town and also walked on the old town walls, which was really nice. My first impressions are definitely very good and can't wait to explore it more! <3 Love


Yes, I flew to Vienna for 6h. My dad really wanted to visit Vienna again and it seemed like this was the only chance to do it before 2018. So we flew to Vienna in the morning, spend time there and ate good food and flew back haha. But this city is so worth it! I've been there 3 years ago for NYE and it was amazing. We had some drinks at Café Central, which is like the most famous café in Vienna and strolled through the city. LOVE



Yesterday I surprised my mom by coming home earlier than expected. I actually have Uni but she was so sad I couldn't make it for her birthday so I wanted to make her happy :-) Now it's all about family, food and fun <3 I wish you a wonderful Christmas time. LOVE <3 



PARIS! I really wanted to visit the Dior Exhibition at the Museum of decorative arts before the new Year since it ends soon (in January). So I thought it was the perfect time! :-) The weather is perfect, of course a little chilly but that's okay with enough layers on. The Exhibition was as expected beautiful and also Paris was nice as always, now back to Düsseldorf :) LOVE


Hello people! Today is my 20th birthday and I'm spending the day with my family + best friend! My first two in my age feels weird but also so mature! 18 was a big thing, but in 10 years from now I'll be 30. This sounds SOO weird! In the upcoming 10 years there will be so much happening (at least I think it will). I'll graduate from University, find a job, find a man and maybe have kids when I'm about to turn 30. Crazy! I talked about that subject with my best friends and they said: Yes, we are getting old! Also when I talk to my mum right now about my sister turning 25 next year and being grandmother in maybe 5 years? It's all changing so quickly; time is flying! But I'm so excited for the happenings to come. And I also wanted to mention that I'm so lucky to live the life I have. Sometimes you forget but then you come home and appreciate the little things in life (the big ones as well ofc). To have a healthy and happy family, friends that protect your back and are always by your side when you really need them. I recently watched a movie where so many people lost their home and family, and I just cried because it can happen any time. So be happy and appreciate everything you have. Mum, dad, brother, sister: Thank you! I love you from the bottom of my heart to the moon and back, unconditionally. LOVE!

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