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The beautiful haven of Dubrovnik. Just look at the water, and it's December!! Dreammmm <3
Just me enjoying the sun and warmth on the balcony of our hotel. And wow these chairs really got me when I first saw them. I actually took notes of every item I saw in the hotel (also the carpet in our room was SO nice, I need it at my place!) 
Again me :P With my beautiful new Céline sunnies <3
Breakfast with a view <3
Ate this omelette literally every morning. Sometimes even two of them because they were this good. It's actually so simple to make but I never find time in the morning to do them.. Need to start that in the new year!
Again, the view!! 
When we explored the old town wall, so beautiful <3
And the view from our room. I got ready every morning behind the window and just enjoyed the view. Love! <3

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