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How crazy you guys, it's been 5 YEARS since I've published this blog and I have to admit so many things have changed. As you may have noticed my motivation through-out the years has faded - for multiple reasons. I often thought about deleting my blog because there's no point in having a blog without publishing on a regular basis. But then I thought: I put so much work, love and time to create my 'personal' blog where I posted anything I did basically. Of course when being only 15 years old (!!) I was interested in SO many things and I posted it. I have grown up (at least a bit). I went from posting everyday to three times a week to once in two weeks and so on. I can only say that I am still active on Instagram and I won't stop taking and posting pictures because I love it, but I'll stop posting on here for unlimited time. I hope you understand my decision, lots of love. 

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